Holistic Elements Mental Health Therapy

Holistic Elements: Mental Health Therapy

The E.M.D.R. Specialists

For decades people have depended on prescription medicine to fix mental health problems. The philosophy that medication cures mental illness has perpetuated dependence on medication and has caused people to be less involved in the management of their mental health. It is not to say there is not a time and place for medication, it just isn't the "cure-all."  It is important that people gain awareness of how diet, exercise, stress, trauma/abuse affect their mental stability.  When people gain awareness, change will happen. Mental Health Therapists at Holistic Elements teach their guests tools to independently achieve their greater self.  Clients receive traditional mental health approaches such as: E.M.D.R., C.B.T., Solution-Focused, Psycho-Dynamic, etc. intertwined with education on the benefits of diet, meditation, essential oils, yoga, and exercise.  It is not a cookie cutter approach where every guest receives the same tools, but instead it is carefully designed to meet each individual guest's needs. Therapists ensure clients feel comfortable with their plan.