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4 years ago

Depression and anxiety are common amongst all of us, especially because of these trying times.  Most of the advice out there is primarily focused on our physical health. It is essential that we also talk about our mental health and what we can do to feel better. 

Being quarantined, on top of seeing the number of deaths increase, spikes the neurotransmitters that are responsible for anxiety and depression.  Those of you who have a sick loved one, or who have lost someone to this virus, are especially at risk for mental digression.  The first step is recognizing if you are experiencing any symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. 

The common symptoms that occur during depression are as follows: irritability, anger outbursts, sadness, prefer isolation, not enjoying activities you use to enjoy, insomnia or hypersomnia, feeling guilty for things you are not responsible for, poor concentration, feeling lethargic, over-eating or no appetite and sometimes wishing to be dead.  You don't need all these symptoms to be depressed. 

Anxiety is charaterized as inabilty to control worries, trying to predict the future with worst case scenerios, insomnia, irritabilitly, mind racing, inability to sit down and relax.  

If you are suffering from either or both these conditions, it is important that you keep reading.  Although, these are proactive steps that can help prevent mental digression.  Walking outside 3-7 times a week, 20-60 minutes, will increase seratonine, which will improve mood.  It will provide you with Vitamin-D, if the sun is shining.  It will increase your endorphins which will improve your mood and energy.  Walking and thinking allows for you to process bilaterally, which means that because your eyes shift from one side as you walk, your brain will process information from your emotional brain to your smart brain.  This will decrease fear and anxiety and will improve mood and anxiety.  

Journaling will allow you to process bilaterally and is a great way to heal from trauma/abuse. 

Eating a whole food diet is essential.  Vitamins and Minerals are responsible for making Neurotransmitters that control mood.  

Drinking 3 liters of water for women and 4 liters for men will assist the Neurotransmitters to communicate effectively, which will improve mood and energy.  

Getting 8-10 hours asleep will improve brain functioning.  

There are yoga videos on-line that will provide you with Stress Management Recovery which is essential for emotion regulation.

Holistic Elements is offering telehealth and therapy over video. 


The world is paused, use this time to work on you.  




Clinical Director

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