For decades people have become dependent on western medicine resulting in them being less involved in the management of their own mental health.  The western philophosy teaches we are dependent on a doctor to prescribe medication that will miraculously fix us.   It is not to say there isn't a time and place for Western Medicine but it's time people take a stand and no longer allow it to over shadow Holistic Approaches.  When people embrace Western Medicine and disregard holistic or natural healing they give their power away.  Many people believe if they take medication and do therapy their problems will disappear.  The truth of the matter is they need to take an active role in balancing his/her mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self.  Mental Health Therapists at Holistic Elements teach their guests tools to independently achieve their greater self.  Guests/Clients at Holistic Elements are educated on diet, meditation, mineral oils, yoga and exercise.  It is not a cookie cutter approach where every guest receives the same tools, but instead it is carefully designed to meet each individual guest's needs.  Therapists ensure both males and females feel comfortable with his/her plan.  Therapist do not pursuade guests to do things, but instead they educate and support guests