Holistic Elements Mental Health Therapy

What makes Holistic Elements Unique...



Holistic Elements, previously known as Holistic Balance, was created to inspire people to become more engaged in the management of their mental health.  Western philosophy utilizes medication as a solution to treating mental illness, which ultimately leaves people dependent on pills and doctors.  Medication depletes minerals and vitamins humans need to develop those neurotransmitters naturally, hence eating foods rich in minerals is essential so that your body will keep making those neurotransmitters.  Otherwise, you are trying to prevent your body from becoming completely dependent on those prescribed medication(s). 

Research shows that mental disorders are caused by: poor diet, blocked neural pathways, lack of exercise, untreated trauma, changes in brain chemistry, poor sleep routines, genetics, imbalanced hormones, hypo-thyroid, untreated medical conditions, and lack of adequate stress management.  Sometimes medicine is essential, but always in conjunction with proper diagnosing of medical problems and holistic approaches.   

Holistic Elements was designed with current research in mind.  The color scheme mimics the birth of a new life, starting with the dark reception room to the bright yellow offices.   The office was designed spa-like with water fountains throughout, aromatherapy, complimentary essential oils, oversized couches and chairs, clean blankets and pillows.  The offices are lamp lit due to research showing fluorescent lighting depletes selenium.  Our eucalyptus and lavender aromatherapy are conducive to relaxation and good energy.  Spa-Music is played in the background to remind you to take a deep breath and relax.  The complimentary refreshments were hand chosen based on research on major and trace minerals, as well as vitamins and their influence on mental health.  For example, chocolates are offered because they have magnesium, which is low in people who suffer from depression. Trail Mix has antioxidants which helps clear the neural pathways, additionally it has iron which enhances energy.  The biggest compliment to us is when a client comes early to sit in the reception room to relax.  Sometimes, the only time our clients get to relax is when they come into our space so we encourage them to come early or sit in the reception room after therapy. 

Mental Health Therapist are trained to intertwine traditional therapeutic approaches (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, (C.B.T.), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (E.M.D.R.), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Motivational Interviewing, IFS, Ego State Therapy and Solution Focused, etc.  with holistic elements such as: meditation, yoga, essential oils, diet, and exercise. We recently hired a Mental Health Therapist that utilizes Tai Chi to help treat mental health conditions.  We are excited for Jenny to start her groups. 


Our clients are unique and we treat them accordingly.  We value and appreciate all of our clients/guests.  We welcome you to do your healing with us. We look forward to seeing you soon.