What Makes Holistic Elements Unique...

Holistic Elements was created with the desire of giving our guests a refreshing, unique mental health therapy experience. Every detail was designed and implemented based on evidence-based research, from the dim lighting to the therapeutic approaches used in session.  The office was designed spa-like with water features, aromatherapy, mineral oils, big, comfortable seating, clean blankets and pillows.  The complimentary refreshments were hand chosen based on research on major and trace minerals, as well as vitamins and their influence on mental health.  For example, chocolates are offered because they have Magnesium, which is low in people who suffer from depression. Trail Mix has Anti-Oxidants which helps clear the Neural Pathways, additionally it has Iron which enhances energy.  

Mental Health Therapist are trained to intertwine traditional therapeutic appraoches (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, C.B.T.) with holistic elements like meditation, yoga mineral oils, diet, exercise.  We support psycho-tropic medication as well as herbs and homeopathics. 

Our Guests leave empowered.  Therapists equip the Guests with tools that will help them manage their mental health.  Medication isn't enough and its not always the answer.  Our Guests get involved in their mental health.

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