What makes Holistic Elements Unique...

Holistic Elements, previously known as Holistic Balance, was created to inspire people to become more engaged in the management of their mental heatlh.  Western philsophy taught people an illness can only be treated with medicine and/or surgery, leaving the illusion that people were depedent on the doctor/therapist. Research shows that illnesses are caused and/or heavily influenced by: Diet, Exercise, Meditation, Energy, Untreated Trauma, Drugs, Alchohol, People we surround ourselves with, etc.  Sometimes medicine is essential, but there are times it is merely a bandaid. 

Holistic Elements was designed with current research in mind.   The office was designed spa-like with water features, aromatherapy, mineral oils, big, comfortable seating, clean blankets and pillows.  The offices are lamp lit due to the research showing flourscent lighting depleting Selenium.  Eucaplyptus and Lavender aromatherapy are conducive to relaxation.  The complimentary refreshments were hand chosen based on research on major and trace minerals, as well as vitamins and their influence on mental health.  For example, chocolates are offered because they have Magnesium, which is low in people who suffer from depression. Trail Mix has Anti-Oxidants which helps clear the Neural Pathways, additionally it has Iron which enhances energy.  

Mental Health Therapist are trained to intertwine traditional therapeutic appraoches (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, (C.B.T.), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused, etc.  with holistic elements like: Meditation, Yoga Mineral Oils, Diet, Exercise.  Our clients are unique and we treat them accordingly, hence some clients may opt out of some of the tools we can offere them.  We support psycho-tropic medication as well as herbs and homeopathics. 


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Ronda Davis and TJ Grow