Peer Support

This service can be offered to anyone who is active with Medicaid coverage or is interested in cash pay. A peer support is someone that clients can trust and rely on. Their main responsibility is to provide encouragement, resources and assistance to clients to maintain long-term recovery goals. Peer supports can offer emotional support, guidance with resources, teach knowledge of skills, and mentor a client in other areas of need. They also can provide advocacy for someone who is needing additional help in maintaining stability in their everyday life. Examples a peer could assist (not limited to): a person who is struggling to apply for school/job, struggling with activities of daily living, organization, time-management, fear based social activities, etc.


Job Coaching

An Employment Specialist (aka Job Coach), helps individuals who are on different career paths prepare for employment. This service is for those who qualify and have an active Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) case or those who wish to pay out of pocket. Our Employment Specialist works with disabled (physically or mentally) individuals, veterans and others who face challenges when seeking employment. The goals of the job coach can vary case to case - it is dependent on the needs of each individual. In some cases, a job coach provides on-the-job training and other services that benefit both employee and employer. For those already employed, job coaches may provide advice about career development or changing careers. The also may provide guidance and motivation in setting and achieving career goals.



Hailie Jolley

Certified Peer Support Specialist

Hailie received her certification from Utah State University. She uses her recovery through mental illness to help clients approach a new lifestyle. She believes in creating a positive spark to live a more fulfilled life. Hailie loves to help clients out of their ruts and broaden their horizons with new activities and skills. She is a selfless person and always willing to take care of others. Every client is important to Hailie, and she goes out of her way to make each one feel like a top priority. In Hailie's downtime she loves attending concerts, the outdoors and spends quality time with her daughter. Hailie is a great advocate for recovery and is an open book, so feel free to pick her brain whenever needed!   



Rolland Brown

Employment Specialist (Job Coach)

Rolland's background is in workforce development. He has also held responsibilities for the past 12 years with Advantage Recruiting as the Principal Talent Manager. Rolland’s passion for workforce development is prevalent not only in his attentive efforts to help those who need job search training, but also in his ability to foster partnerships that bridge the gap between a qualified workforce and employers who diligently seek their skills. Rolland has passion for helping those who are underserved and is motived to bring support to individuals who have barriers to employment.